Learning online safety and ethics is becoming more critical for the general user population. However, they do not receive such learning opportunities regularly, and are often left behind. We were therefore motivated to design an interactive system to provide more frequent learning opportunities to the general user population. This paper presents our explorations on the integration of opportunistic microlearning about online safety and ethics into human verification. Our instantiation of this concept, called DualCheck, asks users to respond to questions related to online safety and ethics while human verification would be executed in a similar manner to reCAPTCHA v2. In this manner, DualCheck offers users microlearning opportunities when they use online services. Our 15-day user study confirmed the positive learning effect of DualCheck. The quantitative and qualitative results revealed participants’ positive experience with attitude toward DualCheck, and also found its significantly higher perceived usability than text-based CAPTCHA and picture-based reCAPTCHA.

近年のインターネット社会において,情報倫理・セキュリティに関する基礎知識を身に着ける重要性が高まっているが,教育の場が限られており,誰もが定期的に最新の状況に基づいた知識を得ているとは言い難い.そこで本研究では,Web フォームへの回答時などに求められ CAPTCHA による判定を活用した,マイクロラーニングによる学習システムを提案する.CAPTCHA はウェブを使う多くの人が定期的に遭遇するものであり,従来のタスクのかわりに情報倫理セキュリティに関するクイズを出題できれば適切な学習機会となる上,CAPTCHAをユーザにとって有意義なものにすることができる.提案手法の実現に向け,CAPTCHA の形式でクイズを出題した直後に知識の定着を確認する調査を実施した.本稿では調査の詳細を報告し,今後の展望を論ずる.


吉川 諒,落合 秀也,矢谷 浩司.2023.ボット判定の機会を活用した情報セキュリティ・倫理の学習手法の知識習得と知識持続効果の検証.電子情報通信学会論文誌(7月掲載予定),

Ryo Yoshikawa, Hideya Ochiai, and Koji Yatani. 2022. DualCheck: Exploiting Human Verification Tasks for Opportunistic Online Safety Microlearning. In Proceedings of the Eighteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS 2022), 19–37. (paper)

吉川 諒,矢谷 浩司.情報倫理・セキュリティ啓発を目指したCAPTCHAの設計.電子情報通信学会総合大会,2022年3月. (paper)