Hand-drawn animation is a major art form and communication edium, but can be challenging to produce. We present a system to help people create frame-by-frame animations through hand-drawn sketches. We design our interface to be minimalistic; it contains only a canvas for sketches and a few controls. When users are drawing on the canvas, our system silently analyzes all past sketches and predicts what might be drawn in the future across both spatial locations and temporal frames. The interface also offers users suggestions to beautify existing drawings. These predictions and suggestions greatly reduce the workload on creating multiple frames for animation and also help to create desirable results. Users can accept, ignore, or modify such predictions visualized on the canvas by simple gestures. Our method considers both high level structures and low level repetitions, and can significantly reduce manual workload while help produce better results. We evaluate our system through a preliminary user study and confirm that it can enhance both users’ objective performance and subjective satisfaction.


J. Xing, L.-Y. Wei, T. Shiratori, and K. Yatani. “Autocomplete Hand-drawn Animations,” in Proceedings of SIGGRAPH Asia 2015, 2015.