Inappropriate alcohol drinking may cause health and social problems. Although controlling the intake of alcohol is effective to solve the problem, it is laborious to track consumption manually. A system that automatically records the amount of alcohol consumption has a potential to improve behavior in drinking activities. Existing devices and systems support drinking activity detection and liquid intake estimation, but our target scenario requires the capability of determining the alcohol concentration of a beverage. We present Al-light, a smart ice cube to detect the alcohol concentration level of a beverage using an optical method. Al-light is the size of 31.9 x 38.6 x 52.6 mm and users can simply put it into a beverage for estimation. It embeds near infrared (1450 nm) and visible LEDs, and measures the magnitude of light absorption. Our device design integrates prior technology in a patent which exploits different light absorption properties between water and ethanol to determine alcohol concentration. Through our revisitation studies, we found that light at the wavelength of 1450 nm has strong distinguishability even with different types of commercially-available beverages. Our quantitative examinations on alcohol concentration estimation revealed that Al-light was able to achieve the estimation accuracy of approximately 2 % v/v with 13 commercially-available beverages. Although our current approach needs a regressor to be trained for a particular ambient light condition or the sensor to be calibrated using measurements with water, it does not require beverage-dependent models unlike prior work. We then discuss four applications our current prototype supports and future research directions.

過度な飲酒は, 健康面や社会的な面で様々な問題を引き起こし得る.アルコール摂取量を自動的に計測し,ユーザの飲酒を定量的に管理することが可能となれば,これらの問題の予防に貢献できる.しかしながら,アルコール摂取量を計測する上で知る必要があるアルコール濃度について,これを手軽に計測するスマートデバイスは知られていない.そこで我々は,近赤外・可視光LED と光検出器を搭載し,水とアルコールの光吸収特性を利用してアルコール濃度計測を行うスマートアイスキューブを提案する.本研究で作成したプロトタイプは3 x 4 x 5 cm の直方体であり,ユーザがこのデバイスをグラスの中に入れるだけで,通常の飲酒行為を妨げることなく濃度計測が行われる.本稿では,プロトタイプを用いて市販のアルコール飲料のアルコール濃度を計測した実験結果を報告し,実現されるアプリケーションについて議論する.

Hidenori Matsui, Takahiro Hashizume, and Koji Yatani. Al-light: An Alcohol-Sensing Smart Ice Cube. Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol. (PACM IMWUT) 2, 3, Article 126 (September 2018), 20 pages. (paper) (video)



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